Organizational risk and security are all about people, plants, equipment, and procedures. Even with the best intentions, these can and will often have gaps and weaknesses that may not always be seen from within the organization. Security control systems. Occupational safety, environmental safety, and public safety priorities demand reliable and trustworthy security industrial control systems to facilitate human oversight of complex physical processes. Security threats, from the most commonplace malware to today’s pervasive targeted attacks of all persuasions, must all be addressed and mitigated.

This course will identify those threats that are not always from the traditional ‘front gate’ approach. A joined-up Security policy should therefore also cover corporate, criminal, civil unrest, cyber, and terrorism from internal and/or external threats. The biggest threat will be the one you were not expecting!


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

This Managing Security Risks in Organisation course is structured to equip delegates with the specialist security knowledge to perform their management and supervisory duties to international standards in both security planning and asset protection.
Course Fees: N250, 000
This course will highlight:

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