Institute of Security and Strategic Studies Members Induction and Investiture Ceremony 2024

About the 2024 Security Excellence Awards. The awards serve not only to recognise the accomplishments of these distinguished individuals and organisations but also to encourage their continued efforts in strengthening Nigeria’s security architecture. By highlighting their contributions, the Institute of Security and Strategic Studies aims to motivate these leaders to persist in their dedication to enhancing the safety and strategic development of the nation. These awards underscore the vital role that effective security management plays in fostering stability, economic growth, and social harmony in Nigeria. Moreover, the Institute hopes that this recognition will inspire others within the security and strategic sectors to strive for excellence. By celebrating these exemplary achievements, the ISSS seeks to promote a culture of innovation and collaboration, essential for addressing the complex security challenges faced by Nigeria and the broader African region. This encouragement is pivotal in ensuring that the pursuit of robust and effective security solutions remains a top priority, ultimately contributing to a safer and more secure environment for all.