The purpose of this advanced course is to equip participants with critical intelligence management skills, operational competencies, and relevant attitudes so that they can address such challenges as diplomacy, crime, conflicts, instability, and war faced in the African continent and the world.

Through this advanced course participants will be agile and strategically positioned to work at private, public, and international levels in various operational spheres.

In this regard, the advanced course will provide participants with a clear understanding of the intelligence cycle, especially the complexity of intelligence information tasking, gathering, analysis report writing, and dissemination. In addition, the focus will be on providing skills necessary in identifying, tackling, and responding to emerging diplomatic, corporate, peace, and security challenges in Africa and around the world. This advanced course will also provide a critical introduction to ethical and accountability issues in the practice of intelligence management.

The Intelligence Management program is designed for working professionals. The course can be completed in the classroom or 100% online. The convenience of distance learning allows working professionals and members of service agencies to pursue a certificate online without interrupting their careers.
Participants will learn from internationally recognized experts with real-world experience at agencies like the FBI, CIA, DHS and at the State House

Course Fees: N350, 000

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